La Forge restaurant: the best-known steakhouse in Mont-Tremblant

Meat grilled over maple-wood coals by an experienced team, as you watch

Meat grilled over maple-wood coals, before your very eyes: the best cuts of meat, delicious cuisine, unequalled freshness…that’s what you’ll find on the menu at Restaurant La Forge

Here you’ll find a fabulous wine cellar and professional sommelier service that will help you to discover the best, most delicious food and wine pairings. The grill of La Forge restaurant provides an unbeatable taste experience at the base of Tremblant’s ski slopes.

A word from the Chef 

At La Forge, since 2006, we have been proud to offer our distinguished clientele Certified Angus Beef. This beef, perfectly aged, offers superior marbling, which gives it outstanding flavour. Our maple-wood grill also ensures that the meat is perfectly cooked and that each cut of beef smells fantastic! Whether your taste runs to huge cuts with a pronounced flavour, like our 40-oz. cowboy steaks, or the finesse and divine texture of a filet mignon, our savoir-faire ensures that we can satisfy the most demanding beef lovers!

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